Tuesday, March 22, 2005

Consumer Movement

If we do not fight for the cause of consumers, soon there will be cheating all around which is so rampant even today. It is the duty of every consumer to strive for this cause, else all of us will continue to suffer. Competition definitely safeguards the rights to an extent. If there is no competition, Public enterprises care more for the customers as compared to Private companies in general, inspite of their inefficiencies. World over it has been proved time and again that Private monopolies have acted like ruthless demons. In India a good example of such a monopoly under public sector is Life Insurance Corporation of India, which continues to have highest claims grant ratio in the whole world. That means they are not looking for excuses not to pay claims by pointing out small lecunae here and there.
There will never be perfect competition as the resources shall always be skewed. Let us join hands together and strengthen the Consumer Movement.

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